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January 1, 2021 | 3 Minute Read

Upgrade Your Office Experience

Work Where You Vacation

This year has seen the dawn of a new way to work and learn — virtually. While living and working at home may offer certain conveniences, such as a short commute to the office or school, it may also lack the change of scenery.

In addition to work, vacations look different this year. And if you haven’t decided where you want to go, consider using your ownership to change up your day-to-day — and extend your vacation time.

When you book a spring or fall vacation, you’ll enjoy great value for your Vacation Club Points, so you can spend more than just a week in your chosen vacation destination. For instance, if you were to book a week at Marriott’s Surfwatch® in Hilton Head during the spring or fall, you would only spend 2,275 Vacation Club Points, instead of 5,000 Vacation Club Points in the summer. Similarly, if you were to reserve a weeklong stay at Marriott’s Newport Coast® Villas in the spring or fall, you’d spend 2,900 Vacation Club Points versus 4,725.

With the Vacation Club Points you’d save, you can plan an extended vacation where you can work for a week with new views, then play for a week in your chosen vacation destination.

Ready to upgrade your work-from-home experience? Here’s what to expect from your villa “office” at your home-away-from-home:


Your Marriott Vacation Club® villa comes equipped with space — and high-speed WiFi — for the whole family. Here, you can work, learn, and play in separate areas, then come together for an evening meal or outdoor excursion. Many villas offer full kitchens or kitchenettes and a washer/dryer, so you’ll have the conveniences of home readily available.


If you find your morning quickly switched from traffic jams to pajamas, you may benefit from a villa vacation. Some Owners have replaced their morning commute from the bedroom to the home office with a morning walk along the beach or a cup of coffee by the pool.

Marriott's OceanWatch at Grande Dunes®

Marriott's Newport Coast Villas


You may find that eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at your dining table feels stale. What if you could enjoy a bowl of fresh fruit poolside? Sip a smoothie along the shore? Get in a quick round of golf? Your Marriott Vacation Club villas are situated in nature-forward destinations, giving you plenty of space to explore the outdoors during your lunch break.


No matter where your villa vacation takes you, it’ll be a welcome break from the same “office” views. Lush foliage and palm trees welcome Owners to Orlando. Scenic shorelines upgrade the office experience in Hilton Head. And picturesque mountains speckle the desert landscape in Arizona and California.


Many Marriott Vacation Club resorts offer walkable spaces just outside your villa doors. Consider taking a meeting while on a walk or incorporating an outdoor adventure post-workday. Some Owners spend their afternoons snorkeling, sitting on the beach, or playing at the pool. Many villas also offer private balconies, so you can enjoy the fresh air while engaging in work or virtual learning.


  • Points and Enrolled Owners may use Vacation Club Points to reserve any number of nights in more than 50 Marriott Vacation Club resorts worldwide.
  • Weeks Owners can use a Week from their home resort to place an exchange request with Interval International® for a stay in villas worldwide.