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November 1, 2020 | 1 Minute Read

Paying Your Club Dues

Your Quick Guide: Club Dues

Club Dues are the Exchange Company Dues paid by both Enrolled Owners and Vacation Club Points Owners. They are the consolidated reservation and transaction fees that unenrolled Weeks Owners pay a la carte. Often, paying Club Dues offers a savings over paying the fees individually.

For Enrolled Owners, payment of annual Club Dues maintains your status as an Enrolled Owner, which means you can elect to receive Vacation Club Points for your enrolled Week(s), and bank, borrow and transfer Vacation Club Points.

Club Dues include the following:

  • Annual Interval International® membership
  • Interval International Internal Exchange fees
  • Reservation cancellation and rebooking fees
  • Villa lock-off fees
  • Split-Week fees
  • Trade for Marriott Bonvoyâ„¢ points fees

In addition, payment of Club Dues includes Owner Benefit Level perks such as Marriott Bonvoy Elite status upgrades

If you would like to maintain these important benefits and options, please be sure to pay your Club Dues.

Watch a short informational tutorial to learn more about Club Dues.