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November 18, 2019 | 3 Minute Read

Fees Explained

Maintenance Fees and Club Dues

Marriott Vacation Club’s well-appointed resorts and properties provide a venue for unforgettable memories. To keep them in premier condition, both Marriott Vacation Club® Weeks Owners and Points Owners are responsible for paying annual maintenance fees. You may have questions about the fees — let’s take a closer look.

What do maintenance fees cover?

The main purpose of the maintenance fees is to support the resort’s operating budget, which provides upkeep and management of the property. Maintenance fees can cover everything from housekeeping and staffing to overall maintenance of the resort — landscaping, snow removal, furniture, appliances, utilities and taxes. The maintenance fees may also include replacement reserves for capital replacement projects.

Who determines the maintenance fees?

For Weeks Owners, the fees are approved by the Board of Directors of the resort’s owners association.

The maintenance fees for Points Owners are based on the resort inventory owned by the MVC Trust. Points Owners pay maintenance fees based on the amount of Beneficial Interests that they own, and the amount of the maintenance fee is approved by the Trust Owners’ Association Board of Directors.

How can I control maintenance fees?

The maintenance fees pay for the upkeep of brick-and-mortar properties, so some costs — for bills like utilities and taxes — are challenging for individual Owners to reduce. Excessive wear and tear of furnishings and property features can also lead to increased costs.

To reduce costs, you can register for e-billing to control postage costs the resort incurs.

What are Club Dues?

Club Dues are the consolidated reservation fees that both Enrolled Owners in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Exchange Program and Points Owners pay (unenrolled Weeks Owners pay the reservation fees a la carte). These dues include the following benefits: membership with Interval International®; internal exchanges with Interval International; locking off or split-week fees; cancellation and rebooking fees; trading for Marriott Bonvoy™ points; and electing, banking, transferring and borrowing Vacation Club Points.

When do I pay Club Dues?

For Points Owners, Club Dues are included with your annual maintenance fees.

Club Dues are billed separately for Enrolled Owners in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Exchange Program. If you do not pay your Club Dues, you will be unenrolled and would lose the benefits you received when you enrolled, such as your Marriott Bonvoy Elite status upgrade. You will also forfeit your ability to elect to trade your enrolled week(s) for Vacation Club Points and you will return to paying a la carte fees. To maintain membership, Enrolled Owners in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Exchange Program must continue to pay Club Dues.

  • The easiest way to pay maintenance fees and Club Dues is on your Owner website. Follow this link to log in and pay quickly and securely online.
  • Note that Owners may be required to change their password as security upgrades were recently implemented on the Owner website.