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Ask the Expert: Why Enroll?

Understanding Enrollment

More than a decade ago, Marriott Vacation Club® introduced the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations® Exchange Program, an exciting and flexible points-based vacation ownership exchange program. More than half of all Marriott Vacation Club Owners have enrolled their Week(s), becoming Enrolled Owners.

Recently, an Owner submitted a question about some of the benefits of becoming an Enrolled Owner. Vania N. shares her response below:

Owner Edward from Virginia says, “I’ve been a Marriott Vacation Club Weeks Owner for more than 30 years. Can someone explain, in simple language, the advantages of enrollment in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Exchange Program?”

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to explain some of the advantages of the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Exchange Program.

The first thing to understand is that when you become an Enrolled Owner, you don’t lose any of your current options. You still own your Week(s), so you aren’t committed to using Vacation Club Points every year. In other words, you can still reserve a week at your Home Resort, exchange it through Interval International®, and trade eligible Week(s) for Marriott Bonvoy points. When you enroll your Week(s), you gain a new option: You can elect to exchange your enrolled Week(s) for Vacation Club Points. Then you decide each year what you’d like to do with the Vacation Club Points you receive.

Here are five reasons to enroll:

1. Owner Benefit Levels

When you become an Enrolled Owner, you are assigned an Owner benefit level. Your level is based on the number of Vacation Club Points you own or have access to through your enrolled Week(s). There are five levels, and unique benefits associated with each. The starting level — the Owner level — receives an upgrade to the Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite tier. Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite members receive benefits at Marriott® hotels. Normally, you would need to stay from 25 to 49 nights in Marriott hotels within a calendar year to achieve this level. Owners at higher Owner benefit levels receive upgrades to the Platinum and Titanium Elite tiers, as well as additional perks.

2. More Flexibility

When you elect to receive Vacation Club Points, you can use them to reserve any Marriott Vacation Club resort or property directly (subject to availability) without having to exchange through an external exchange company. And you have more flexibility than you have now, because you can reserve any number of nights — you are no longer locked into 7-night stays. You can also choose any check-in day, any villa size, and confirm your view type.

You’re also no longer restricted to vacationing within the particular season you may own at your Home Resort; you can spread your Vacation Club Points out through the entire year. And if you still can’t use all of your Vacation Club Points within a year, you may be able to bank them into the following year to allow yourself more time to travel, or even combine them with next year’s Vacation Club Points.

3. Discounted Stays

The number of Vacation Club Points received for enrolled Week(s) is based on factors such as seasonality (with peak-season Weeks worth more Vacation Club Points than shoulder-season Weeks) and the size of accommodations (e.g., 3-bedrooms are worth more than 2-bedrooms).

Keep in mind that the number of Vacation Club Points required at Marriott Vacation Club resorts and properties also varies, depending on similar factors. But there are strategies that you can employ to get more out of your ownership. Some Owners choose to stay in smaller accommodations for longer than 1 week if it will accommodate their travel party.

In addition, when you travel mid-week (by checking in Sunday through Thursday), the number of Vacation Club Points required is often less than a weekend stay. So, you may be able to take two 5-night vacations (mid-week) totaling 10 nights of vacation if you have the flexibility to do so.

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Escapes — discounted stays reserved within 60 days of arrival at select resorts and properties — are also popular and enable some Owners to travel for more than 7 nights using the Vacation Club Points from the Week they own.

4. Explorer Collection

You can also use Vacation Club Points through the Explorer Collection for cruises, tours, hotel stays, airline frequent-flyer miles, car rentals, travel insurance, and more.

5. Club Dues

Instead of paying a la carte reservation and transaction fees (depending upon how you are using your Week), Enrolled Owners pay one annual, consolidated fee that is billed at the end of the year for the following year. Club Dues also cover the fees to trade for Marriott Bonvoy points, lock-off or split your Week, and reservation cancellation and rebooking fees. It also covers your Interval International membership and Internal Exchange fees.

In addition, Club Dues cover electing to receive Vacation Club Points, as well as banking, borrowing, or transferring them. You can watch this brief tutorial that explains Club Dues in more depth, but many Owners enroll solely based on Club Dues savings.*

Get to Know Vania N.

Vania has worked in the Mexico City Owner Services office for 2 years. She is a Senior Vacation Ownership Advisor who assists Owners living in Latin America. Vania books Owners’ vacations, develops travel itineraries, accepts maintenance fee payments, and answers questions about ownership.

What is the most memorable vacation you’ve helped an Owner to confirm?
I helped an Owner reserve a trip to Park City, Utah. Mr. B. wanted to reserve a week — including New Year’s Day — at Marriott’s Summit Watch, as it’s the only holiday he could spend with his sons. I looked for availability on the first day that inventory was released, but I was unable to confirm the vacation. I informed Mr. B that I would continue to check and, a couple couple of days later, I secured the dates for his reservation. When I shared the news, he was so grateful and thanked me for showing interest in his vacation wishes.

What is your favorite vacation destination?
My favorite vacation destination is Italy, even though I have not visited yet. I have been very attracted to Italy since I was a child. The great food, rich culture, and beautiful landscapes make the country unique.

What activities do you enjoy on vacation?
I like going to the beach, visiting new places, and trying the culinary specialties of my destination. I also enjoy taking walks and tours and attending cultural events.

What are your hobbies?
When I’m not working, I like to solve puzzles, listen to music, play with my cats, go to the movies, and visit Pueblos Mágicos (“little towns”) in Mexico.

* If you live in the United States and purchased your Week(s) on or before June 20, 2010, you may be eligible to receive complimentary enrollment after watching the Understanding the Benefits of Enrolling webinar.

If you live outside of the United States or purchased your Week(s) after the date when the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Exchange program launched, you may still be eligible to become an Enrolled Owner. For more information on eligibility, availability, and the enrollment process, please contact the Sales team during your next vacation at a Marriott Vacation Club resort or property.